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The Obsession Diary was conceived in the summer of 2016 by Philly van Kan, who wanted to share her love for fashion and a fun lifestyle. This new and improved platform has the sole aim of being for young women, sharing relatable experiences, knowledge and fun. We want to make this an inclusive experience where you are not just the reader but you can also be a writer and participant in our online community. We want it to be a respite from student and professional worries and be a source of relaxation and a directory for every-day life.



why did you start the obsession diary?

People always used to ask me where my clothes were from, what make-up I used and where all my Instagram posts were taken. So I ended up just starting a blog and that was when The Obsession Diary was born.

What have you been up to since university?

I finished studying Art History at The University of Nottingham in 2016 and went straight to work at Alex Eagle Studio as an E-Commerce Assistant and Alex's personal assistant. As I re-launched The Obsession Diary in September 2017, I started working in e-commerce for Alexander McQueen and have been there ever since.

best advice you have ever RECEIVED...

"Kill with Kindness" - Daisy Hoppen

Favourite place in the world?

Mpumalanga in South Africa

best item in your wardrobe

My Gucci Princeton Slippers, I bought them with half of my first pay cheque (!!!). They go with everything and are just so comfortable when you are on your feet all day.  My dad thinks I am wearing road kill on my feet!

style icon

Phoebe Philo