Annie Openshaw-Blower: The face behind Breakfast 'n' Brunch

During Annie's final year exams at university, she developed Breakfast 'n' Brunch, which in a year has developed a following of 40,000 on Instagram. Obsessed with Breakfast and Brunch, Annie now has a wonderful website packed with scrumptious and nutritious recipes! 

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Over brunch at Shoreditch House I had a few questions to ask her.

How did Breakfast 'n' Brunch start? 

Breakfast 'n' Brunch started off as a way for me to document food that I had made or eaten out – but just as a hobby. I never actually intended for my following to grow, but I just liked having a database of things, pretty pictures and recipes that I had made!



Definitely pumpkin waffles! Nobody believes me when I say that they are amazing until they try them! They are so simple to make and taste way better than the normal sugary waffles you can buy, I swear . The pumkin adds a great natural sweetness and a perfect texture too. 


I am from the North of England, so my favourite brunch spots are all local to me. The Garden in Hale has to be my all time favourite, followed by Eat:Kaizen, Altrincham, and Altrincham Market House. The Market House is amazing because they have such an extensive menu, and each market window is completely different. They also sell really interesting Korean dishes which I love.

The Market House, Altrincham

The Market House, Altrincham

how did you build your following on instagram and how do you retain them?

To be honest, my followers started to come just through posting vibrant photos that attracted the attention of other people on Instagram. I would say that creating and maintaining relationships with other accounts definitely helps me to maintain my following, as well as posting consistently, and listening to what your followers want to see from your account.

What is it like working for yourself straight out of university?

I love being my own boss, setting my own standards, and having full control over what I am doing. The hardest thing is knowing where to stop, as it would be very easy to work all hours of the day!

instagram accounts you love to follow...

@Lucy_and_lentils  - I love her pictures and her food always looks irresistible!

@healthychefsteph -  She is such an inspiration and I learn a lot from her. I love that she combines food with fitness too

@symmetrybreakfast  - This account has such a great style of images, and the meals are so creative – I love how unique it is


tell us about your new project, uni lean?

I set up UniLean earlier this year with my boyfriend and a friend, with the aim of making health and fitness easily accessible to students. It started out as an Instagram account where we posted easy to make meals and quick workouts, but we now also sell our ‘Get Lean’ guides. It is a very exciting time for us at the moment as the University term is about to start!


Annie Openshaw Blower

What are your 3 favourite items in your wardrobe?

My number one has to be my tracksuit bottoms – I live in them! Comfort is definitely key when it comes to my wardrobe so I usually opt for loose fitting and casual clothes. I wear my beige teddy wool coat almost every time I go out through the winter. I picked it up from a vintage shop a few years ago for about £5 and it seems to wangle its way in to most of my outfits. My black platform Superga’s are definitely my most worn shoes. They’re so comfy and they just go with everything! I am desperate for a new pair as mine are in tatters now!

lastly, who is your style icon? 

I would probably say someone like Elizabeth Olsen or Cara Delevingne. I am not a particularly girly girl, and I like their simplicity and casual style. 

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