My Recycled Christmas Wardrobe

Now Christmas is over and we have entered the New Year, people are thinking about resolutions. Whether that is focussing on your health - going to the gym more, following Veganuary or Dry January. It may even be taking up new hobbies or cutting back on certain luxuries. Before the new year started I had decided to reflect on my buying habits - it is very easy when working in fashion to get consumed by it. To elaborate, I mean going to sample sales and spending too much money - one can forget that the majority of items are faulty as they are samples OR there may have been a reason they did not sell. In addition, we all get excited about advantageous staff discounts which make things cheaper BUT that does not mean they are cheap.

It just turns into a vicious cycle of frivolous and unnecessary spending. I am very lucky, I have a great wardrobe filled with wonderful items I have accumulated over the years. I have decided, this year I am going spend less on clothing and re-work items I already have. I would like to say I am trying to be more sustainable and recycling my closet, rather than fuelling the fast fashion vortex (time will tell!).


For Christmas, I took a Self Portrait dress (which I had bought three years ago) and put a COS cashmere roll-neck over the top (still in stock at COS). I then accessorised my look with some Uterque jewelled sling-backs, which are reminiscent of a similar Manolo style. I wanted to create a neutral colour palette that gave me a bit of colour, rather than wearing black and making myself look even paler!


As I am recycling my wardrobe my Self Portrait is no longer sold, however you can get similar shoes from Uterque and the same jumper from COS - I have left these links below.

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