Wow! 2017 was quite a year!

Donald Trump became President of the United States (something a lot of us would like to ignore), Article 50 was triggered and the process of Brexit began (once again, many of us would like to forget about this too!).

In amongst socio-political madness, there were some great moments for fashion: Edward Enninful took the helm of British Vogue. Donatella Versace staged an outstanding Spring Summer 2018 show, paying tribute to her late brother (Gianni) with the original supermodels of the '90s taking to the runway. Rei Kawakuba inspired this years MET Gala. Kaia Gerber made her debut on the runway and finally, very sadly at the end of the year we lost the amazing Azzedine Alaïa.

For myself, I will admit that 2017 has had its highs and lows. For those of you that know me, I am very close with my family and they are without a question my everything. In July of 2016, my mother and father moved to Hong Kong for a new job. As a family, it was a very challenging time due to distance, time difference and simply not being together.

However, I did have my sister by my side the majority of the time, flat sharing in London. Initially, we had a lot of differences (she won't mind me saying this), we had been apart for a while with me at university and her still at school. Soooo, 2017 was a great time for us in terms of bettering our relationship and making us inseparable! Nevertheless, the Hong Kong journey didn't last for long and my parents returned to London in the June. 

2017 has also been a year of achievement. My dreams came true when I got my job at Alexander McQueen and I still to this day cannot believe I managed it. From a very young age, I have loved the house, what it represents and its incredible craftsmanship - it is an absolute privilege to walk through the doors every morning.

Philly van Kan

When I arrived in September, it was hugely overwhelming, in terms of pace and content, but I think I am getting there. Since joining, I have seen a little bit more of the world, travelling to Paris for the shows and visiting Milan for the first time to explore the showrooms.  I have met incredible people: they have been so incredibly kind and welcoming, guiding me through the process in order to better myself.  Essentially since September I have been on a journey of self-discovery which brings me onto my resolutions for the coming year.

I have 3 key aims I want to carry with me through the year.

self love

Self love comes in a variety of different forms but what I want to focus on is my image and putting myself first. When starting a new job it can become very all-consuming and you forget about other activities outside the office. I am going to get back into the gym and aim to schedule a few half-marathons this year. I am going to improve my diet, not only to loose some comfort eating weight, but to also explore new foods and ideally and rather optimistically, I would like to add a cooking section to TOD. 

I am going to put myself and my best interests before others. Through experiences in 2017, I let too many people walk all over me.

live more

In 2018 I am going to live more, not stress and just go with the ride life has to offer. I think sometimes I put so much pressure on myself to achieve both professionally and personally that I forget to just chill.

Living more also means going out of my comfort zone. Up to this point in my life, everything has been mapped out: I went to school, attended university and got a job. Whilst this has all gone incredibly smoothly, I haven't exactly lived independently or done anything particularly daring. When I look around the office, I work with a very multi-cultural group of people. They have uprooted their lives to live and work in London, coming from Brazil, Italy, Spain, Korea to name a few. The thought of leaving what you know and are used to terrifies me. However, I envy the energy and confidence these people have. Therefore, all being well, before next year I would ideally like to take a leap of faith and experience living in a new city...watch this space!


Finally, confidence. I always thought I was an incredibly confident person until someone told me otherwise. Initially, I was slightly taken aback, but what she highlighted was that you can be a loud person but that does not necessarily mean you have confidence. This is the best thing I learnt about myself all year. I am not always confident in the decisions I make or in what I do due to terrible past experiences. I need to have more confidence and conviction in my actions.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me this year and for all the amazing memories. I can't wait to share my 2018 journey with you all on The Obsession Diary.

All my love, 

P x