TOD Beauty Haul #2

Over Christmas I had time to get back to what I love best, which is writing for you guys! I have some new additions to my make-up bag or should I say box, that I want to introduce you to.

In October, I went to New York with my boyfriend and managed to drag him, rather reluctantly to the Glossier store on Lafayette Street.

Founded by a former American Vogue beauty editor and writer of Into The Gloss, Emily Weiss has gone on to build the cult brand, now valued at an estimated $390 million! Her waitlists for lipsticks exceed 10,000 customers and one Boy Brow product is sold every 38 seconds globally.

The store is a dream - enthusiastic what I call ‘glossy girls’ come up to you with an iPad, process your order and then you are free to collect your package of joy in a pink bubble wrap pouch and a bag with your name on it. WHAT COULD BE BETTER!?

Unfortunately, they only have two stores at present (New York and L.A.) but this is compensated by the fact they have a fabulous website and gorgeous packaging.

This post is a bit Glossier heavy, but at the moment this is what I am predominantly using on a daily basis. I have also reviewed other products by Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury in a little beauty haul video below. All details can be found in this post and in the YouTube description box. Do give it a big thumbs up if you want me to carry on making videos for you all!

Just to re-iterate I am no beauty expert, these are just some new products I am enjoying at the moment and I thought you would enjoy an honest review!